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Another Security Infraction - In Front Of My Face - jtrika - 09-03-2022

I literally witnessed a guest entering into Talis Park without my authorization. When I drove up to the gate I asked the guard why he had let the guest in. His response "I was going to call you and ask you if it was okay to let the guest in...." WTF. You let the guest in already and then you want to ask me if it's okay to let the guest in....

You can't make this shit up. Kitson & Partners & Ramco need to get their shit together Security remains incredibly fragile here at Talis. If something ever happens here at Talis I sure hope the infracted resident uses this blog as a form of reference to go after them. Or how about Kitson just step up to the plate and actually make our community safe - cameras on each road, ensuring the folks that are entering are truly authorized, not take people at face value to just let them in like Uber drivers, etc. A full-blown security audit needs to take place and all the recommendations need to be implemented. I personally paid for an audit one time and they didn't implement all those points either. And here we are again, lack of care on who is let in or who isn't.