Golf/ Membership Dues
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Golf/ Membership Dues
When I first visited Talis Park Community several years ago, the golf course was beautiful and the layout spectacular. It was and still considered by many a Tier One course. It provides all levels of players an opportunity to enjoy a day on the links from several different tee locations; however, all tee boxes are marked by the same-colored stones, many times causing confusion for players not knowing the correct tee to use. I would think a dot of paint, or some other classic tee marker could be used to eliminate this confusion.

Over the years the course has become tattered due to the paspalum grass becoming infiltrated with other grasses, primarily Bermuda. This has caused ugly brown spots throughout the course as well as grass becoming nonexistent in some areas.

Kitson and Partners has indicated for the last year they plan to renovate and re-grass the course (however at the time of this writing no specific details have been provided to the membership offering a plan and timeline. To date, there has only been hearsay information and the President of Talis Park, Tyler Kitson’s letter of February 22, 2022. This plan includes killing the grasses (experimental grass killing areas were conducted on parts of the driving range in December 2020), beginning in December 2022 and excavating soil from the course in early 2023. According to Kitson’s letter, equipment and treatment chemicals have been procured, but no finalization of a contractor has been obtained but, an announcement will be made in March 2022. It is now April 1, 2022 (April Fool’s Day).

Again, hearsay indicates this project will be at least nine months. If the timeline for killing grass begins December 2022 (the course will surely be closed for a few days to spray chemicals to kill the grass) and this will essentially shut down the golf course in January/February 2023 for the project. This will effectively eliminate golf for the entire season of 2023, from November 1 to April 30. The homeowners should be made aware of the environmental impact to the community, the exposure to chemicals and the risk to homeowners, pets and plant life?

The membership fee for a new member of Talis Golf is just short of $100k. Members pay approximately $18,346k a year in membership dues and non-golf members pay approximately $8K in membership dues. Kitson and Partners has not indicated if the golf membership will be assessed the full membership dues, but hearsay again indicates no relief will be extended. Relief should be provided whereas the golf membership should only be assessed the annual sport membership dues of $8K for the upcoming year while the course is being renovated.

Many residents at Talis Park feel they have no voice. Many conversations have been held with the General Manager and the Golf professionals. They, themselves deny knowing the extent of the plan.

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